Opening Heart and Home

Please pray with us
June 30, 2020

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During these hard times it is encouraging to hear stories of people who have stepped in to make a difference in the lives of others when they are experiencing exceptionally hard times.

In the life of 10 month old Myrloude, several people have stepped in: her grandmother, a community leader in Terre Blanche, a pastor’s wife, a pediatrician and HFH supporters who have donated money to make rice and beans available.

Myrloude was brought by her grandmother from Gonaives to the Clinic of Hope on June 17. She has severe malnutrition. Her mother has health issues which have prevented her from caring for her daughter. Myrloude’s grandmother has stepped in to provide care. The grandmother is very poor and traveled to the Clinic of Hope seeking help.

With Mme Elvire and Mme Silia working together, there was consultation about how to provide the best care and treatment for Myrloude.

Myrloude was put on Medika Mamba, a peanut butter fortified with protein and other nutritional supplements used to treat severely malnourished children.

Mme Silia has opened her heart and home to Myrloude during this treatment time. Mme Silia’s own children have warmly welcomed this little girl into the family. Pray for Mme Silia and her family as they provide love and support during this time.

For now, Myrloude will stay with Mme Silia and continue with Medika Mamba. Mme Elvire has made arrangements for Myrloude to see the pediatrician every week for evaluation.

Would you please pray for Myrloude during these next few weeks?

HFH is thankful for our generous supporters who continue to give so that rice and beans are available for situations just like this.

Mme Cetoute and Mme Silia checking Myrloude’s weight.

Myrloude and Mme Silia.

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