Rally Posts as Community Outreach

July 11, 2023

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Pastor Delamy shared these photos with us from rally posts that were held in Dubedou and Finel. It always encourages my heart when I hear about these events happening.

The main function of rally posts is to mobilize the Clinic of Hope workers (in green shirts) to go into the localities that are supported by the Medika Mamba program to identify and track the progress of children who are being treated.

Rather than requiring parents of children to expend resources, potentially a day’s wages, to come to the clinic for follow-up, the workers go to them. As they enter these villages, there are valuable opportunities to provide support and education regarding health-related issues, as well as identifying other individuals who may need care and medical help.

I am so grateful for these workers who pack up their supplies, travel to the surrounding villages and partner with the community health volunteers (colvols) to show care and compassion to each person they meet along the roads.

Not only are rally posts a significant factor in the success of treating childhood malnutrition with Medika Mamba, they are a significant community outreach that brings much needed encouragement and hope to our Haitian friends.

by Katie Thom, R.N., HFH Board President

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