Repairs and Communication

Working together
August 29, 2018

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On a recent trip to Haiti, we repaired and provided maintenance for the InStoves at the school in Terre Blanche.

These high efficiency cook stoves with 100 liter pots are designed to use small amounts of wood, specifically in areas were there is no power available.

In Terre Blanche, they are used every day to cook for the nearly 1,000 students at the school. They were installed at the school a few years ago after a demonstration showing the differences between an InStove and an open fire.

The repair work included venting chimneys to the outside and replacing worn parts. After completing the repair work, I was trying to clean up the debris when I felt a purposeful shove on my left shoulder. I turned to see the woman who works every day preparing the food. She made it quite clear, with a big smile and while reaching for the broom I was using, that she was quite capable of taking care of her kitchen now that I had completed the work on her stoves.

Smiles and touch are effective communication tools when there is a language barrier.

By Ron Kinley, HFH board member

You can learn more about these innovative stoves at

The woman on the left is the communicator.

InStoves – high efficiency cooking stoves.

Demonstrating differences between InStove and open fire cooking.

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