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COVID-19 Update
April 14, 2020

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The 2019-2020 school year has been difficult and disruptive for students and teachers in Haiti. During the political demonstrations and lockdown, the school in Terre Blanche remained open with volunteers stepping in to teach creative lessons. In February, we reported the excitement of teachers and students as school was returning to normal.


On March 25, the school in Terre Blanche and schools throughout Haiti were closed due to COVID-19. The opportunity for distance teaching is not possible, but it is possible to continue feeding children.

Madame Elvire and her team have worked out a plan to feed the school children in an informal way. Children are coming to the school cafeteria in small groups. This is working well.

Social distancing does not easily happen in Haiti, but children are learning the importance of personal space and proper handwashing to prevent the spread of germs. Instead of close-packed children in the handwashing lines, there is a respectful distance. Instead of 15-20 children at a table for lunch, there are 6-8.

These are difficult times for everyone and we appreciate those who are doing the work there in Terre Blanche. Please continue to pray for these dedicated workers who are planning and serving those around them.

HFH is grateful to all who support the school in Terre Blanche. This allows teachers to continue to be paid and allows children, who come to the school cafeteria, to continue to receive a nutritious meal.

School cafeteria BEFORE social distancing implemented.

School cafeteria AFTER social distancing implemented.






Waiting with respectful distance between.


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