Communities Empowered to Address Malnutrition

December 5, 2022

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HFH recently learned that the incidence of childhood malnutrition is on the rise in the communities that we serve. This is a common tragedy that occurs in countries experiencing such extreme instability. While this saddens our hearts, we are encouraged that HFH has programs in existence to meet these needs.

Through the collaboration of the Clinic of Hope staff and community health volunteer leaders, children at risk are identified and screened to enroll in Medika Mamba. This program intercedes for those children in the most immediate risk to rescue them from severe malnutrition. The six-week treatment for one child costs about $75.

But the process does not stop there. One of HFH’s core values is that we prioritize development over relief. While some may say that Medika Mamba is more relief than development, we believe that the way relief is provided in conjunction with a development approach matters immensely.

For example, the Medika Mamba is purchased through Meds & Foods for Kids, a company that sustains production in Haiti, providing jobs for local Haitians. The children who are receiving Medika Mamba are monitored by the Haitian staff and volunteers at Rally Posts to ensure the treatment is adhered to and the child’s health is improving. The child’s mother is invited to attend Ti Foyer classes where they are taught by volunteer community leaders and given the education to help prevent malnutrition for their children in the future.

This multi-tiered approach to malnutrition models HFH’s core value of sustainability: we prioritize development over relief. The relief given is within the context of relationship and community. As a result, we see communities empowered in their ability and capacity to care for the most vulnerable among them.

by Katie Thom, HFH Board President

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